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Scott Prior

Running for people, not profit.




Scott Prior is an independent-minded Democrat running for the state Senate in Arizona’s Legislative District 16. Scott’s campaign is centered around the values of democratic socialism. He will put human dignity above corporate, government or religious interests and will fight for a democratic economy that will strengthen individual freedom. Scott has lived in Apache Junction with his wife of 20 years, Cara Prior. Cara is running for the state legislature in the same district.



Legislative District 16

Legislative District 16 is located in the Eastern suburbs of Phoenix, including parts of Mesa and San Tan Valley, and all of Apache Junction and Gold Canyon. The district is the 2nd whitest in the state and more than 25% of residents are over 65. Minorities represent 23% of the district’s population. Democrats have an opportunity to connect with underrepresented communities in LD16 and begin growing a robust party in the eastern Maricopa County and northeastern Pinal County.




I will hold Republicans accountable for taking education out of the hands of the people and putting it into the hands of profiteers. We must invest in high quality public education and support services for all of Arizona's kids,and stop lining the pockets of for-profit prison executives and corporate charter-chain board members.

I will fight to strengthen our democracy and end corporate control over our personal lives. We need a more democratic economy, and we must bolster our Clean ELections process and anti-corruption laws. Our economy and our democracy belong in the hands of the citizens of this state, not its corporations and special interests.

I will stand with marginalized communities--like the disability community, the immigrant community, the LGBTQ community, the atheist community, the Black community and many others. Too many people are hurt by systemic discrimination. Political leaders must begin naming this discrimination where it happens and begin working to make lasting change.

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I support the constitutionally protected right to safe, legal abortion. Comprehensive reproductive healthcare options should be available to all women in our state--and decisions about abortion should, like any private medical decision, be left to women and their doctors.

I support lowering campaign contribution limits, and comprehensive disclosure of anonymous "dark money". We need more balance and transparency in our elections process so that monied interests do not have influence disproportionate to ordinary voters.

I am a democratic socialist. Our current fiscal policy limits personal freedom through corporate ownership and non-democratic regulation. A democratic economy with progressive taxation will strengthen individual freedom and autonomy so that people can achieve real opportunity

The best thing we can do for our economy and quality of life in Arizona is to fully fund public education and prioritize high quality schools for every child. We also need support services in place to make sure every child has the best opportunity to learn, including healthcare, childcare, and food security programs..

Cities must be allowed to adopt local employment, environmental, and economic development policy that improves the quality of life for its citizens. This especially includes efforts to develop affordable housing, and nondiscrimination policies. The State needs to walk back its overreach in disallowing local municipalities from adopting ordinances that reflect the character of the community

Arizona's low minimum wage and anti-worker "right to work" laws limit the growth of our economy. Low wage labor is a subsidy to inefficient economic policy. I will push for a $15 minimum wage in Arizona, along with state investment in infrastructure projects that general living wage jobs.

The prohibition of marijuana use has been a catastrophe, costing billions in prosecutorial, judicial, and incarceration expenses. It has shattered families and bloated our prisons--all over a substance that is less harmful than alcohol. We should immediately legalize marijuana and regulate it like alcohol.

Private prisons incentivize societal failure. I will advocate for investing in restorative justice that incentivizes societal success. We need to refocus state spending on the needs of our communities rather than corporate interests.

We must stop public tax dollars frombeing diverted to private religious schools. We must prevent legislators from writing religious idealogy into discriminatory laws. We must ensure religious minoritites and nonbelievers are not barred from leading public prayers and invocations. We need to keep government and religion separate to protect the rights of all Arizonans.

Laws governing Arizona's water rights are antiquated and are not congruent with environmental realities. We need immediate legislation that balances economic growth with these environmental realities and gives teeth to safe yield regulations. Water policy needs to be dramatically reworked with all stakeholders at the table.

Vote November 8th

Early Voting Starts October 12th



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